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Apuzzo Internet Marketing executes display advertising campaigns that deliver exposure, traffic and conversions. Whether your objective is to generate leads, sell products or simply expose your brand, our Display Advertising Team uses unique strategic methodologies to identify the most effective combination of websites and/or ad networks to accomplish your goals. Once identified, we lead extensive negotiations to obtain the best pricing possible, ensuring that client ROI objectives are achieved.

After an in-depth discovery process and extensive market research, Apuzzo Internet Marketing will identify the best websites and ad networks to use for each campaign. Within the websites we can determine whether to use a “run of site” strategy or identify specific channels within the sites to target. We also use networks that have retargeting capabilities within the network.



Apuzzo Internet Marketing also offers retargeting which is a powerful way to remarket to users that have already visited your website. IMI’s retargeting partners have the most robust networks and solid reporting capabilities.

How Does Retargeting Work?


STEP ONE: A single line of code is added to your website page(s). Prospects receive a non-invasive anonymous cookie containing no personal or identifiable information, spyware, or adware whatsoever. At the same time, custom banner retargeting ads are created for the campaign which will be presented to you for approval. These are customized specifically for your brand and will encourage visitors to return to your website.

STEP TWO: When a visitor comes to your site via organic or paid search, tv, print or direct traffic, they may convert or they may leave without converting into a lead or sale. Each prospect is uniquely identified. This allows us to distribute targeted online advertising pieces to those prospects who did not convert while they visit thousands of websites across the Internet.

STEP THREE: Retargeting ads are then delivered to those prospects across the Internet’s largest retargeting advertising network. You can also restrict your search retargeting placement to specific types of branded content sites if you wish.

After they’ve visited your site and continue browsing the web, they will see your ad banners everywhere!

STEP FOUR: After being reminded of your services by seeing ad banners up to 7 times throughout many websites, the prospect returns to your website!

STEP FIVE: Through banner ad advertising, behavioral retargeting, and targeted internet marketing you will continue to build brand awareness and increase conversion rates 24/7!

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